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Integrated Systems Solutions Incorporated (ISSI) is a professional engineering, environmental research, information technology, audio-video design and installation consulting firm. Our AV division creates custom conference rooms, media labs and classrooms according to client specifications, deadlines, and budgetary needs.

With the recent addition of our Unmanned Aerial Systems division, ISSI has designed the X8 which is a heavy-lift quadcopter for mission critical payloads of 35 lbs. or more. With lighter payloads, the X8 heavy-lift fight time of 30 minutes could be extended to up to one and a half hours (read more).

Our integrated solutions provide customers with the best value all things considered: performance to specification, on-time delivery, life cycle costs and customer assigned budgetary goals. ISSI focuses on establishing long-term client relationships built on excellent service, quality work, value consulting, high integrity and mutual trust.

Visit our the MZ-3A page for news articles about the Navy's airship: MZ-3A News Articles

Published on Oct. 23, 2012
Take a ride on the Navy's MZ-3A airship flying out of Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst in Lakehurst, NJ. Airship flown and maintained by Integrated Systems Solutions Incorporated (ISSI). Video Credit: Asbury Park Press, Staff video by Thomas P. Costello / www.apponline.tv

Flyer’ Improves OB/OD Air Emissions Measurement

Air Emissions Meansurement article

ISSI contributed its supportive and research capacities during recent studies for DoD research of air emissions testing from open burning to open detonation (OB/OD) of DoD munitions.

SERDP and ESTCP 2013 Spring Issue: A novel measurement technology developed with SERDP support accurately characterizes air emissions from the open burning and open detonation (OB/OD) of DoD munitions. Deployed via a helium-filled balloon, the Flyer technology has quantified emissions from a variety of OB/OD scenarios in challenging field conditions. These measurements can be used to develop emission factors that will allow DoD facilities to dispose of munitions in compliance with environmental regulations. (read more)

Navy's New Airship (10/26/11): The Navy's new recon airship, serviced by ISSI, was unveiled to the public at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst inside Hanger One in Lakehurst, NJ. The airship is 180 feet long and can cruise at 10,000 feet. Photo Credit: Asbury Park Press, Thomas P. Costello