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ISSI X8 Heavy-lift Multipurpose Quadcopter

The X8 is a heavy-lift quadcopter designed for payloads of up to 35 lbs with an approximate hover time of 30 minutes. This capability allows for multiple payload configurations and extended hover times with lighter payloads.
(EPA configuration shown)


ISSI Cessna 337G Skymaster

ISSI owns and operates a newly refurbished Cessna 337G Skymaster. The aircraft’s standard configuration seats four, two pilots and two observers/passengers with an area behind the last row of seats for equipment.

Technical Capability – Aircraft (N5222T): 1975 Cessna 337G (Skymaster)


Physical Dimensions:

MMDS Configured Skymaster

ISSI’s Cessna 337G Skymaster can also be configured for advanced surveillance missions by utilizing specially developed radar for detecting whale echoes from the ocean surface. The radar operator selects a radar echo which then cues the gimbal mounted HD EO/IR sensor to the latitude and longitude location to within 3 meters and then tracks the whale’s location in real time. The advanced configuration is also designed to broadcast detected whale sightings live to researchers via the internet. The advanced configuration only requires an aircrew of one pilot and a radar operator which provides a cost savings while at the same time increases whale detection capabilities and enhances propagation of whale imagery via live video capture.

Visit our Marine Mammal Detection System web site for more information – MMDS.CO



Called a flying laboratory by Navy officials, the airship is used by the Naval Research Laboratory to test intelligence and surveillance sensors, at considerably less cost than aboard fixed-wing or rotor aircraft, program managers say. The blimp also served during the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill crisis by helping to monitor the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. (read more)

ISSI MZ-3A Pilot